What am I doing now?

This is a Now page.

Last updated 23 Oct 2022, chilling in my living room while listening to lofi music.


  • Living in Alicante 🏖.
  • Working at topi as a senior software developer.


I moved from Barcelona to Alicante at the end of January.

I'm going 3-4 times per week to the gym. I'm calling it Operation Sarah Connor 🦾.


I'm currently working at topi, a Berlin-based fintech start-up. I'm doing fullstack development, coding lots of TypeScript and Go.

It's an almost 100% remote position (there's the occasional offsite travel), which I enjoy a lot.

Tinkering with

I'm writing short stories 😱! They're mostly sci-fi and fantasy, and I'm publishing them at benkoalbeza.com. They're written in Spanish, though.

I've also just (re)launched this very website.