List of Obsidian plugins I currently use

This is a list with the Obsidian community plugins I'm using and find most useful.

In order to use these plugins you need to turn off Safe Mode by going to Settings → Community plugin → Safe Mode.

Tag Wrangler

This plugin is a must if you use tags. It's hard to understand why the functionality of this plugin hasn't been included in Obsidian itself.

Tag Wrangler allows us to merge tags, rename them, etc. and enhances the search queries with tag-related operations.

Calendar and Periodic Notes

I use these two together to have a handy calendar at the right sidebar and create a daily note or a weekly note when clicking on a day or a week.

Screenshot of a dialog asking if the user wants to create a new weekly note
Periodic Notes dialog when about to create a new weekly note.
Screenshot of a calendar, featuring an extra column for the ISO week number as well
The calendar created by the Calendar plugin. Note the ISO weeks in the first column!

These notes can be generated with a template. You can use Obsidian's built-in template plugin, or use a different one.

Editor Syntax Highlight

It enables syntax highlighting for source code when in editor mode. This plugin is a must if you write notes about coding. Otherwise, you don't need it.

Screenshot of a code block with syntax highlight
A code block with highlighted syntax thanks to the Editor Syntax Highlight plugin.


This plugin provides extra features when creating our own templates for Obsidian. It lets you access data from the note's frontmatter, as well as file information, etc. You can even write your own JavaScript that generates text to be inserted.

If you can get by with Obsidian's built-in template system, you don't need this.


This lets you use Obsidian like a little, limited database. You can use the data included the frontmatter as values to query with a SQL-esque syntax.

With this plugin, you can do things like listing the latest 10 notes tagged with #book, sorted by rating (defined as a value in the frontmatter).

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