Obsidian is a future-proofed PKM app

Obsidian is the PKM app I have been using extensively during the past year to write my notes and journal.

Obsidian screenshot showing a note about Go slices
A screenshot of a note in Obsidian

One of the key factors that made me move to it was that Obsidian is future-proof. That is: I am not locked into a particular service or ecosystem. What if the company goes down? What if they hike up the price or a new competitor appears with an app that does a better job?

A future-proof app withstands the pass of time. Usually, this kind of software allows access to its source code, uses well-stablished standards, gives users control of their own data, etc.

Obsidian is free, although it is not open source. However, unlike most PKM apps, Obsidian keeps your data locally in your machine. This means that we are in control of our data: we chan choose where to back it up or how (or if) to sync between devices —with a cloud service of our choosing, our own servers, etc.

Having this ownership over our data is crucial in a note-taking or PKM app, since what we store in it is what is most valuable. We want both the app to last for a long time, and to be able to migrate as pain-free as possible if needed.